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I'm Keshvar.

So you want to know more about me? Good news! I love talking about myself. Here goes...


I'm a creative director, writer, and expert on everything from 

campaign creation and voice development, to video scripts and post copy. I've worked with clients like SweeTARTS, Laffy Taffy, Nike, Walmart, 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Apple, Toyota, Turner, and more. In that time, I've been lucky enough to write jokes for Fred Armisen, script videos for WWE stars, and create FB bots, Alexa skills, and approximately 12k memes for a little show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Along with my team, I won a Cannes Lion for the marketing campaign for Deadpool (plus a Webby - which I proudly display next to an eight-year-old, dust-covered candle).


Before selling out in order to make the medium bucks in advertising, I worked as a editorial writer for publications like Thrillist and FabFitFun (a female-focused website-cum-subscription box service that taught me more about butt sculpting cream than I ever needed to know).

Some more random facts!

  • I hiked to Base Camp of Mount Everest. It was very cold!

  • I get bangs like every three years and hate them every time.

  • My favorite movies are Moonstruck and Steel Magnolias.

  • I love taking baths.

  • I know every single line from 30 Rock, you factory-reject dildos. 

  • I'm a graduate of UC Berkeley.

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